Burly Bio – David V.

This weeks Burly Bio is spotlighting a member who makes even the seasoned Ultra Runner feel lazy, David V.

Wilderness Traverse 2015


David is a newer member of the Burly Trail Runners. He joined back in April 2016 when a few group members planned an Epic Bruce Trail Adventure Run** up in Hockley Valley.

**Epic Bruce Trail Adventure Run – Runs that span several hours on the Bruce trail and feature a stop for snacks enroute, video footage and LOTS of fun and adventure!

David immediately fit in with our club due to his love of trail running, adventure racing and all around knowledge of the sport of trail running. David also had already crossed paths with several members of the club at past races so it was an easy fit.

Haliburton 100M Finish!


David doesn’t even live in the general Hamilton/Burlington area where the club mostly runs. However he drives down to the area for planned group long runs, MEC Club nights and Races with other Burly members. Proof right here that you don’t need to live here to be an active member of our community!

David was a huge asset to our Burly Relay team at the Moraine Adventure Relay this summer. He brought his excellent mountain biking skills to the team and finished 3rd, 4th and  5th in his legs of the race.

Tired and muddy after one of the legs at the Moraine Adventure Relay

David had a huge year in 2016 in regards to running and racing. He set a goal to complete 2016 Miles in 2016 – Completed. Run all 11 Races in the 2016 Adventure Racing Ontario Series – 10/11 Completed with a few podium finishes. Finish the Wilderness Traverse 24 hour Adventure race ranked – Completed.  And he wanted to introduce his children to the Adventure Racing scene which he did several times this year with his 11 year old daughter. David also ran the Sulphur Springs 50K & The Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race 100K placing well in both.

David also entered an unplanned race, the Haliburton 100 Miler. This was his first 100 Miler and wasn’t even on his radar until mid-year. David did extremely well for his first 100 completing it in under 30 Hours and has mentioned that this race has now shaped up his next year of Ultra racing.

For the purpose of this Blog we asked David 3 questions and here is what he had to say!

Q: What’s your next big trail running goal?

David: The next big goal is the Sulphur Springs 200 miler trail race on May 25, 2017. The distance is 16 loops of the Sulphur Springs 20k course and has a completion cut-off of 3 days or 72 hours.
I have made it no secret this is a huge race I want to compete in with the help of the Burlies and Running Free of course. It will be the hardest endurance race I have ever attempted and I will be training for six months before the race date.
The goal is to not give up and finish. I’m not sure if assigning any other goal for a 200 mile trail run makes sense.
Confirmed races leading up to SS200 include: Pick your Poison 50k, Goodlife Marathon Half, Seaton Soaker 50k, and Storm the Trent.
And a whole bunch of winter and spring training, see you out there!

Q: What sort of nutrition do you take on these epic long runs? Post run treats?

David: Trail food for long runs and races is a mix of Stingers, Endurance Tap, Potatoes, Bacon, Tailwind and sometimes Gatorade or Water.
Post-race it’s all about the beer. Craft beer gets a +1
When you race for a long time having a suitable drink reward at the end has always motivated me more to finish. I don’t drink booze during a race.

Q: Who or what is your inspiration to run?

David: The question probably should be what is your inspiration to race; the quick answer is to be a better person.
I feel it my responsibility to help others see what is possible, and help others help themselves when it comes to trail running and adventure racing. The best way is to lead by example and go out and do stuff.
I’m not just a runner by definition. I have biked, paddled, orienteered and run the trails. And all of these in a one race.

Photo Cred: Lori F.


David has another huge race around the corner. Wishing him the best of luck at Sulphur Springs 200M. You will have a huge crew of Burly’s helping you out!



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