Burly Bio: Liam K.

This week’s Burly Bio is Liam K. Liam moved to the Hamilton area two years ago while his wife Melissa was attending McMaster University. It was also closer to his job as a firefighter. When he’s not lighting the trails on fire or putting real ones out, he is busy with his husky puppy Remy and volunteering as a Big Brother.

His favourite saying is a mantra all trail runners (and everyone else) should be familiar with: “you have to be uncomfortable to grow”.

Here’s to Liam putting out fires, keeping his burning passion alive and being a guiding light for his Little Brother.

Liam and Remy
Liam and Remy

How did you get into running?

My interest in running started when I signed up to join the Canadian Armed Forces and was asked by the recruiter whether I liked it because “there’ll be a lot of it regardless of whether you like it or not”. Up until about four years ago, running was more of a utility than a hobby or passion. I realized I loved it when I discovered a mountain bike trail along the Thames River in London. It challenged me and was my kind of outdoor adventure. My passion for running really took off once we moved to Hamilton and I was introduced to the Bruce Trail. It encompassed everything I enjoy in trail running and I’ve never looked back since.

Why do you run?

The main reason I run is because I love being outdoors and being active. Once I discovered trail running, I left road running behind. I got into ultrarunning distances because I love being challenged. I think some of the distances I’ve run is because it was unimaginable that I could complete them. I strive to challenge myself in all aspects of life and I think ultrarunning really satisfies that.

Race goals

I’ve been training since the beginning of December for the New York North Face Endurance Challenge 50 miler happening Saturday, May 13. The longest distance I’ve run prior to this was The Limberlost Challenge 56km in July and The Mohican Forget the PR 50km this past April. I’m excited to see what Bear Mountain State Park has to offer with its 6000ft of elevation gain. I’m looking forward to the sweet views!

Editor’s note: Due to an illness, Liam wasn’t able to complete this goal but he’s got an equally awesome and beautiful make-up run planned, doing the 73 km circuit of the La Cloche Trail in Killarney Provincial Park. A personal favourite of mine for camping. Very rugged and tough but stunning beauty and crystal clear lakes.

What is your favourite running spot?

My go to running spot is the Bruce trail, specifically the section from Dundurn to the 403 is where I run the most. I can’t think of anywhere better than what the Bruce trail has to offer. It’s really got it all.

Liam on the beach.
Liam checking for fires on the beach.



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