Burly Bio: Cassie C.

This week’s Burly Bio is Cassie C. Cassie enjoys long runs on the beach, exploring the Bruce trail, eating raw salmon and drinking flat whites (who doesn’t?). She grew up playing competitive hockey and played rugby at the University of Waterloo.

She’s been a bit of a nomad in the past 10 years, having lived in nine different cities (Brockville, Waterloo, Whitby, Oshawa, Toronto, London, Nemaska, Oakville, Millgrove). Running is how she meets new friends in the places she has lived. Cassie has joined several run crews, and started her own run club, and is now super excited to be running with the Burlies.

She lives in a mobile, tiny home (a trailer) by a lake. If you have run with her, or follow her on Instagram, you have definitely been exposed to her raving about how great it is to be able to wake up everyday by a lake and go swimming, or kayaking and watch beautiful sunset at night!

She is the program manager for Don’tGetLost adventure running for the kids’ programs in four different locations. She also helps plan the local adventure races that many Burlies are familiar with (Raid the Hammer, Peak to Peak and ARKfest).

She is bubbly, cheerful, has an awesome job, lives in a tiny dream home and loves to run and talk. So much so, that she and her running partner(s) often forget to run. Here’s to Cassie, making new friends and hoping she sticks around.


  1. How did you get into running?

After I graduated University and stopped playing varsity sports, I wasn’t doing any physical activity, and was feeling very unhappy about it. The day I fell in love with running was one of those 35 degree days, where the radio is telling you to stay inside and keep cool. For some reason, I got home from work, tied on some running shoes, and went for a run. Cars were driving past me staring, because I was that crazy person running during a heat advisory, pouring sweat, and smiling! When I got home I signed up for the Scotiabank Half Marathon and have been running ever since.

  1. Why do you run?

I find trail running is a form of meditation – it is so easy to shut off your mind, be present, and concentrate on what is in front of you (mainly not tripping over roots and rocks!) On days that I don’t run, I don’t feel like myself. I run because whatever I need that day, I can get it from running. If I need to think or reflect, I can go for a slow run and clear my thoughts. If I need to blow off steam, I can run fast, do some hill sprints, or throw on some loud music and forget about the day. It is my favourite way to connect with friends, do something together, and talk (and I can talk a lot).

  1. What is your running career highlight(s)?

To quote Steve Forrest “How much do you get to run at work?” I am extremely lucky that I get to run at work and run with kids! My running career highlight is absolutely making my passion be my work! If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life! (I work for DontGetLost Adventure Running).


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