Burly Bio: Chris D.

This week’s Burly Bio is Chris D. Born and raised in the urban sprawl of Mississauga, Chris is a relative newby to trail running. He’s an easy-going guy who talks a lot, is always cracking jokes and trying to make people laugh. Chris is also an avid shoe collector and loves any excuse to buy new shoes and gear. Chris should fit in just nicely with the Burlies. 

Currently, Chris and a friend run a small landscape business but hopes to be starting a new career in athletic apparel retail by the end of the summer. (Jessica P, are you paying attention for new Burly apparel?)

In the meantime, anyone who is looking for some landscape work to be done, give Chris a shout. He’s probably the only landscaper who will do your garden or fence posts while wearing an Ultimate Direction Jurek hydration pack.

Chris loves to go camping, cottaging, hiking and checking out different breweries in the GTA with his very supportive girlfriend of 10 years, Sara. Last year they went to Thailand and regrettably didn’t get to go for a trail run while in Chiang Mai with its lush green mountains and wild terrain.


Here’s to Chris, digging up dirt and tearing it up 24/7.

What are your race goals for 2017?

I planned on completing the Sporting Life 10km race in under 45 minutes, came in at 44:36, and I have entered my first half marathon (Scotiabank) for October and have set a goal to complete it in under 2:00, but I’m going to aim for 1:45!

Why do you run?

I use running as a means to stay active, get outside and enjoy nature, get out of my comfort zone and test myself, and clear my mind. Running helps me stay in a more positive mood as well, and appreciate my surroundings more.

If you could run anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Anywhere with lush forests and mountains, but specifically Japan, California, Hawaii, Italy, Switzerland or France.

How did you get into running?

I was a cross-country runner in elementary school, then stopped when I got to high school for some reason. Around 2013 I picked it up again and just stuck to road running every day for short distances. I took yet another break and picked it up again with the help of my good friend Anton, who persuaded me to start running in the winter season (which I previously never did). He got me into trail running, which I now ONLY want to do! Road running is boring for me now. haha!


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