Burly Bio: Eric D.

This week’s Burly Bio is Burly Partner, coach and owner of Limitless Coaching, Eric D. Eric grew up in a time of Pong (look it up kids, this was our Xbox in the 70s) and since he didn’t have one, he ran around the neighbourhood with friends and if he wanted to go farther, he got on his bike and just rode.
Up until high school, Eric enjoyed being on the track and XC team. From high school until his mid-30s, he enjoyed the more relaxed lifestyle of sitting on the couch/patio/deck with a cold one (or two or three or…) and a pack of smokes never too far away and a bucket of KFC, McDonald’s and pizza.  In 2003, he had a light-bulb moment: he needed to be healthy, so that he could be around and enjoy life. He took up running, cycling, then swimming.  Fell in love with triathlon and helping people reach their goals so much, that he left the world of retail management and now coaches triathletes, runners and swimmers full time.
He hasn’t had a cigarette in over 13 years, alcohol-free for over 10 years and a veggie for over 12. With all his positive healthy lifestyle changes abound, he still hasn’t given up his pizza and has no plans to.
Trail running was relatively new to him, when he started running the 5 Peaks races.  He loves being on the trails so much, that he now spends as much time out there as possible and is the race director for 5 Peaks Ontario.
Since Eric is a Burly Partner, any Burly wanting some extra motivation or to take their racing to the next level, please contact Eric. Burlies will receive 10% off coaching rates and get Limitless Coaching athlete rates for clinics or camps. www.limitlesscoaching.ca
Here’s to Eric and being limitless (including pizza).
What are your goals for 2017?
2017 was going to be about keeping it simple and local, maybe two races – well epic fail so far and I’m okay with that.  I did Sabino Canyon 7 Miler in Tucson, AZ (April), Xterra triathlon at Kelso (June 17), Muskoka 70.3 (July 9), coming up I have TNF 50k (July 15), Trans Rockies 3 day stage race in Colorado (August 15-17), Scotiabank Marathon (Oct 21) and I know there will be another 2-3 races in there as well.
What is the strangest and funniest thing I have seen on a run?
Now I realize this is a family friendly forum but I can’t resist..a friend and I were out for a run on a Sunday morning on the streets of suburbia, when we stumbled across a 15 inch black dildo!! Who leaves one of those lying around on the sidewalk?…you’d never find that on the trails.
What is your favourite place to run?
Like any good Burly, I head to the Bruce Trail, sometimes in the Burlington area and sometimes up in Caledon – both fantastic sections with a good amount of hills, technical and always a fun time!

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