Burly Bio: Jay W.

If you’re looking for Jay W’s race results, start at the top. It won’t likely take you long to find him. The guy is a beast! Often crushing the competition and usually on the podium. He was even the fastest person ever to complete the questions (literally took him 10 minutes from agreeing to emailing me).

When Jay was a kid, he played lots of sports like football and baseball, but running for the sake of running was foreign. He spent many years in the weight room but found he needed to improve his cardio if he wanted to excel in his athletic pursuits.

A close friend recently transformed his life through running and invited him to a fairly competitive 5K race in Jordan. To say he placed well is an understatement, finishing the 5Km in 19 minutes and placing third in his age group. He was hooked after that. The more he ran, the further and more challenging pursuits he chased.

In the past two years he has started running ultras and had the fortune of racing many venues across the northeast and California against some top competition.

Jay has an amazing wife who doesn’t understand the obsession (join the club!) but is thankfully very supportive.  He lives in Burlington with his two girls Taylor (12) and Mackenzie (9) and a new puppy Brooklyn. The challenge of being a good family man means 4:15 a.m. starts Monday to Friday and early morning weekend long runs on the Bruce or in the Valley.  He revels in his daughter’s pursuits and accomplishments and has been known to enjoy a fine craft beer from time to time.

Here’s to Jay’s running and hoping all races point West.

Instagram: @jaywest_running
What are your goals for 2017
a)      Race as hard as I can
b)      Podium when possible
c)      Stay healthy and have fun.  My third goal often eludes me as I place too much importance on pushing hard in races.  Training runs for me are often difficult to execute.

What is your running career highlight?
The Dunnville Mudcat Marathon weekend was pretty exceptional. After losing almost a month to injury during my marathon training block, I came into the marathon weekend having only biked for the previous four weeks. On Friday night I ran with my good friend Rob (fast SOB) and we laid down a fun and fast 5K to go 1 and 2.  The next day I found myself in the pack behind Rob and ran well executing a solid finish in where I had to push 6 min miles for the final two to secure 2nd place in 2:56:46 and secure my BQ.

What are your running goals?
Western States, Hardrock and UTMB – 2018 and 19 will be focused on securing lottery tickets to these.  Barkley would be a riot……anyone know how to enter?  I could wear the #1 jersey.


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