Burly Bio: Jennifer L.

This month’s Burly Bio is Jennifer LaRocque. Jennifer grew up in Kingston and her mom would often say, “you’ve got two feet and a heart beat” when she was called for ride. She also had a curfew and if she was late, she’d be grounded so her two feet became two fast moving feet and a hard-pounding heartbeat.

She fell in love with running when she moved to New York City in 1999 and a friend suggested she join a running club. This club changed her relationship with running forever and she met some incredible people, ran some marathons and became a running guide for blind runners as part of the Achilles Track Club.

Since then, Jennifer has run six marathons, many halfs and relays such as the Cabot Trail Relay Race and the Klondike Road Relay. She has recently made the switch to trail running and completed her first 50km ultra.

Jennifer is very active and is thankful for all that running has brought into her life, including the people, the places and the adventures. Being a part of the Burly’s is a great example of how much she appreciates the running community.

Can you smell what LaRocque is cookin’?

(If you don’t know the above reference, click the link. If you do know that reference, you’ll still probably want to click that link.)

  1. What is your running career highlight(s)?

Having the privilege to guide my good friend Ivonne, who is blind, in the New York Marathon. Ivonne’s determination to train and get to the finish line of that marathon was probably one of the most inspiring feats I have witnessed. It was her first marathon, however, she has since won the female visually impaired division at the Boston marathon three times, has been the Visually impaired National 5K Champion in the U.S., was a finalist in the 1500 Meters at the 2016 Paralympic Games and captured the Gold Medal at the 2013 Sprint distance Paratriathlon World Championships in London. She is a hero of mine.

2. Why do you run?

Because I love being active outside. You can run anywhere and for the most part at any time. All you need is a pair of shoes and the right clothing. It also helps me clear my head. I have a colleague who will frequently ask me “have you run yet today”…apparently he also recognizes that running make me a better person

3. Where is your go-to trail running spot?

I have recently moved to Waterdown and have been blown away by the Bruce Trail. I have loved every minute of exploring the Bruce Trail and have been amazed at all the waterfalls. Given it is basically in our backyard, Smokey Hollow trail is a go to for me these days.


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