Burly Bio: Heather B.

This Burly Bio is Heather B.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Heather’s picture of a blissfully chaotic life must be worth millions. In fact, that’s how she describes life with her partner, Jeff Rowthorn, six children aged 9 to 14, two dogs, seven reptiles, 14 fish, eight chickens and one hamster; blissfully chaotic.

Educated in Fine Art and Art History, she works at the Art Gallery of Burlington as the Studio and Workshop Education Coordinator, freelance writer with publications in Ultrarunning Magazine and regular contributor to the blog on Happy Trails Racing, an organization she founded with Jeff Rowthorn (which I’m pretty sure we’re all well aware of!).

She has been running her whole life and taken to ultrarunning in the past six years as well as taking a more focused approach to her running.

As with all the Burlies, she is thankful for the friendships and experiences she has made through running as it has changed her life for the better. We all couldn’t agree more.

Here’s to Heather and hoping she can continue to paint the portrait of a strong and smart trailrunner, mom, partner and Burly.

We asked Heather to answer three questions:

What are your running goals?

My running goals are fairly varied. I would like to return to Brazos Bend 100 in December 2018 to redeem myself in my DNF. I will be racing a few ultras leading up to the race in hopes that I can try to get some speed back and build a decent base as I attempt a finish. Littered throughout racing ultras, I will be signing up for any races (used primarily as training runs) that I find myself at while my partner Jeff runs his 40 races in one year.

With whom would you like to run?

The person I would choose to run with would be Sally McRae. I had an opportunity to train under her in North Carolina only to fracture my ankle and tear a few ligaments. I did get to hike with her for a few hours while I hobbled in pain, but it was not the same as sharing some dirt cruising with the Queen of the Trails. She is the epitome of strength and perseverance. She is infinitely kind and brilliantly funny. She inspires me on a daily basis and I am so lucky to call her a friend.

Where would you like to run?

I would love to run in the Grand Canyon. The scenery paired the iconic location is stunning and challenging. I think I would prefer to spend a few days exploring the canyons rather than racing hard and missing out on a chance to take it all in.  It seems to the theme of my life lately – focusing on the journey rather than the destination.



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