Burly Bio: Adrian M.

This edition of the Burly Bio is Adrian Marsi. After a long stint in the music industry, traveling the world as a product marketing manager, he found a new groove (Adrian’s joke, not mine) about three years ago, owning his own business as a professional photographer – Snapscene Photography. The journey has been very unpredictable, but fun and rewarding at the same time. The change was a tough one, but ultimately allowed his wife, two crazy boys, and Adrian to do a lot more of what they love: travel and be in the great outdoors! They love hiking, mountain biking, camping, SUPing, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, catching bugs, climbing . . . am I missing anything?

Apart from capturing photos, he’s also a team member on the MEC events team, supporting events and facilitating meet-ups and workshops. He’s also in his second year as an official Halton Parks ambassador, helping to get more people active by exploring Halton’s natural wonders.  

Here’s to Adrian and hoping he keeps running, rocking and rolling in the great outdoors.

How did I get into running?

I grew up playing high-level soccer and we always did a lot of endurance training. Funny enough, I was a goalkeeper – the one doing the least amount of running on the pitch. However, I always did find myself running at the front of the team pack. Further, I was on the cross country team throughout high school. I guess the passion for running stuck with me all these years as I can’t seem to stop.  

Why do I run?

I haven’t run a race since my high school years. Running, for me, isn’t about the race. I love the escape from a busy life that running provides. The solace of trail running, specifically, really helps disconnect and feed my taste for the outdoors. For me, running almost feels like playing a musical instrument. The rhythm I get into and create is hypnotic and exhilarating.  Each run is like writing a different song.

Where is your go-to trail running spot?

Bronte Creek Provincial Park is my happy place. With two young boys, my wife and I struggle to find time for ourselves. The community we live in hugs Bronte Creek. We can leave our home, whether running, hiking, or biking, and be on the trail within 10 minutes. Having Bronte near us is more than a convenience. The trails are magical and change dramatically throughout the year. It’s hard to imagine living anywhere else!

People can follow my photo work here:





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