Burly Bio: Heather B.

This Burly Bio is Heather B. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Heather’s picture of a blissfully chaotic life must be worth millions. In fact, that’s how she describes life with her partner, Jeff Rowthorn, six children aged 9 to 14, two dogs, seven reptiles, 14 fish, eight chickens and one hamster; … Continue reading Burly Bio: Heather B.


Burly Bio: Alexi M.

This month’s Burly Bio is Alexi Menjivar. He’s got slick moves both on and off the trail and is a very proud father of four amazing kids. Born in Texas to Salvadorian parents, raised in downtown Hamilton where running as a hobby was not only uncommon but often made fun of. Money was tough for … Continue reading Burly Bio: Alexi M.